What are the documents needed to hire car for rent?

Our procedure is very simple. Attached the relevant documents(Passport Copy and Visa page or any abroad id +Driving License) as prescribed in the booking form. You just need to show as the original documents once you arrive.


What are the steps for prebooking a car?

First customer need to fill-up the booking form by attaching relevant documents as prescribed in the booking form. After that we will send a mail with full details regarding payment and advance needed to confirm the booking. If booking advance is done, then your booking is confirmed.NB: First mail is auto-reply, second mail is detailed mail.


Do you provide door delivery?

Yes. We do provide door delivery. Just inform us the location and your requirement we will deliver the car at your door.Can select home delivery option in booking form.


Do you have Airport Service pick up/drop?

Yes, we have. We will provide you car at airport to make it available when you lands in. Similarly, we will take back cars after your use from your location as well as in airport while you go back to you job. Enjoy


What about breakdown service?

Usually we provide good cars of latest models hence breakdown possibility is very less. However, unfortunately it happens, we will provide you immediate breakdown assistant from authorized car manufacturer, if they can’t provide an immediate solution then we will provide replacement with the same type of vehicle without any additional charge. If replacement is not available , amount will be refundable.


How many days before I want to book a car?

Booking is according to customers only.
We can't predict the booking of car. If any one book before you, they will get the car.

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